Quebec Proud’s Mission

Québec Proud is the voice of a growing number of citizens who are committed to restoring Québec's pride and determination. In the course of its history, Quebec has always distinguished itself by the courage and strength of its builders who have built a nation in proportion to their greatness. But today we are witnessing the slow degradation of the spirit that animated our pioneers. Corruption and collusion reign in the Québec government. The state stifles business instead of stimulating it. Unions paralyze building sites. A government in hock to the environmental lobby refuses to develop our natural resources. We are dependent on federal equalization payments. Our language and our culture are in danger. We lack a vision for the future.
Québec Proud brings together Québécois sick of being passive witnesses to the deterioration of Québec and its future prospects. Our goal is to recover our greatness. Our goal: a proud Québec!
  • A Québec PROUD of those who work hard;
  • A Québec PROUD of its origins, its language, its culture, its traditions;
  • A PROUD Québec that does not accept corruption and collusion by bandits in suits;
  • A PROUD Québec that opposes the Liberal policies of national decline of Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard;
  • A PROUD Québec that rejects the model of dependency on the state and that says no to needing social assistance equalization.
  • A Québec PROUD to develop its resources and to create wealth at home.